We are running a Bible reading club.


A feature of the club are these cards that I am writing and printing for each session. On the card you can make your own notes and it will build to a full set over the life of the club.

We are currently reading:


Current and previous background cards - no copyright

00 Bible Based Book Club.pdf01 James.pdf
02 123John.pdf
03 Jude.pdf
04 1 2 Peter.pdf
04b psalms 1.pdf
05 Hebrews.pdf
06 Genesis.pdf

For anyone not familiar with the BBBC, here is a short summary on how it works.

    • The nature of this club is to read and understand the bible at a relaxed pace with members at meetings and online. We aim to encourage bible reading and understanding and the sharing of fellowship. There is no club leader or other offices at this time.
    • When we meet, we begin and end with a prayer.
    • We bring and share light refreshments.
    • Members of the club decide the next book to read before the end of reading each book, to give time to prepare cards, acquire books, if need be, and to be ready at the end of the current book.
    • One of the club members will volunteer to do some preliminary research and prepare a background card on the book, which is both printed and published on the Church’s website at
    • http://st-georges.btck.co.uk/Whatishappeninghere/BibleBasedBookClub
    • The cards are made ready for the last meeting of one book, or before the first meeting on another book in order that reading milestone are known to the club members and that all members can have reached that milestone in advance of the meeting.
    • On the card are some basic facts about the author and length of the book with some proposed milestones for reading blocks. Review older cards for examples. The value of the printed card is that one’s own notes can be written on the back and the card kept as a reference.
    • Members will have read up to the agreed milestone and researched through their own means.
    • The club welcomes diversity of thought on each book and each person’s research in undirected and personal to themselves.
    • When we meet to discuss what we have read and what we have discovered it is in a friendly and relaxed manner, we recognise that understanding and opinion may vary. The object is to share what we have learned and not to debate or argue or dictate the ‘right answer’.    

    It is not strictly the same Book Club, but Lyn Wright study a Bible Study Group and here is something I prepared for it.

     Woman at the well

    Woman at the well.pdf