About us


    We have 3 styles of main service in a month. Our main service is at 10:00 on a Sunday morning.

    1. On the first Sunday of each month, it's a shorter informal service + Sunday School for over 4's to 16 in the hall.
    2. Second Sunday, normal service with Eucharist + Sunday School
    3. On the third Sunday of each month there is a Eucharist service at 9:00-9:30 in the lady Chapel and the main service is The All Age Service. No Sunday School.
    4. Fourth and fifth, normal service.

    Why St. George's AND St. Ethelbert?

    There has been a St George's in East ham since 1913.

    C.J. Madgett’s History of 75 years of St George’s and 50 years of St George and Ethelbert’s Church East Ham (1987) quotes extensively from a report in the Stratford Express of 18 October 1913, relating to the dedication of St George’s on 11 October 1913.

    7th July 1923. On this date the district of St. George was commissioned by the King. On the 6th November 1936 we became a parish.
    In 1936 the country had 3 kings. When I joined this church I was bearded and was fondly linkened to the old King, that is George V.

    Creation of the Parish

    George V
    6 May 1910 – 20 January 1936
    This is George V in 1923
    Grandfather to our present Queen, Elizabeth II

    At the time of being made a parish Edward VIII was King until...

    So in December we had King 3.

    This present building was built in 1936 and Consecrated 20th March 1937 by the Bishop Dr Henry Wilson of Chelmsford.

    A large part of the money for this building came from the diocese of Hereford wherein King Ethelbert, later Saint Ethelbert, was killed and buried

    The source the name change to St George's and Saint Ethelbert

    Indeed the diocese of Hereford had wanted to re-name the church to St Ethelbert's and went as far as producing furnishings and postcards marked St Ethelbert's, but on discovering how legally difficult it would be to completely change the name of the church they settled for adding the name of St Ethelbert, but continued to refer to the church as St Ethelbert's.
    So if you are from East Ham, Welcome to St George's  and if you are from Hereford Welcome to St Ethelbert's.
    At the consecration the Bishop of Hereford Dr Lisle Carr in his sermon said " This church is founded on sacrifice - the sacrifice of it's own congregation, the sacrifice of the supporters in the diocese and the sacrifice of the donors in another part of England. A church built on sacrifices is bound to be a church rich in blessing"

    Continuing he commissioned the congregation to "Make it a place of fellowship. We believe Christians should be friends, not ignoring each other in the streets or passing each other by in the church ... " - The East Ham Echo 26th March 1937

    The congregation is a very mixed bunch. Don't worry there is plenty of room for more.  The variety of cultures and backgrounds makes for a great selection of food when we get together. 
    Our Vicar is from Burma (Myanmar) . He had a stroke a few years ago, but the Lord has blessed him and healed him.